Utah Mighty 5 Road Trip Tips

Utah State Line Sign

The Utah Mighty 5 Road Trip might be one of the most iconic and memorable road trips in the United States. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned hiker or if you are new to the outdoors, the Mighty Five Road Trip has something to offer everyone.   While the Mighty 5 Road Trip is […]

The Ultimate Road Trip Essentials List

Open Road Highway View

Road trips might seem simple, they also might seem tedious and longer than they need too but there is something unique about it that you can’t get from a flight. Its flexible, you can load up all the things you need without worrying about a weight limit or the extra cost of checking a bag. […]

The Essential Day Hike Clothing and Gear List

Gus Bryce Canyon Scenic Overlook

The time has come and you are ready to head out on your first or second day hike! No matter how seasoned of a hiker you are, we all remember the first time we set out on our first day hike and how nervous we were, yet how exciting it all felt. After checking the […]