Meet Vic & Gus!

Well, hey there! We are so humbled that you want to get to know us more. 

So allow us to properly introduce ourselves and share a bit more about our story…


I’m Victoria, and I’m a third culture kid, used to moving around and traveling Europe, and I have been settled in Texas for the past 10 years.  

BUT I’M NOT READY TO SETTLE. That 9-5 (ok, 8-6) gets old. Don’t get me wrong, I am passionate about my job (hence the long hours), but I need a break from the grind once in a while. 

So, with the company of my sweet fiancé, I have started saying yes to most any adventure (private bathroom required). And wanted to share the fact that YOU CAN TOO! 

So come with us to escape our ordinary.  

Gus About Us


I’m Gus,  I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and I have called Texas home for the last decade.  

While I love my home in Texas I also love exploring new places and saying YES to any adventure that comes my way! 

Whether we are backpacking through Thailand or escaping for a weekend getaway to explore our own home state, we think the life on the road is the life best lived.  

Join us as we Escape Our Ordinary and leave the 9-5 grind on the chase for new experiences and show you how YOU CAN TOO!  

About Escape Our Ordinary

Howdy! So now that you know us a little better, you are probably wondering what the heck Escape Our Ordinary is and what you can expect. 

So allow us to properly introduce our blog and mission…

In a nutshell...

Our Mission: Is to inspire everyone to get out and travel and explore and live their life to the fullest by enjoying every minute they have.

What we mean by this is that a lot of us, especially the 9-5 crowd get stuck with this mentality of working all year for that 1-2 weeks off (if we are lucky and never-mind consecutive days off) as a source of enjoyment and relaxation.

Now we can assume most of you reading this fit into the shell of what we used to be. We would work months on end without a day off clinging to the weekend as our savior. Then if lucky we would get to enjoy a few days off in a row and if we where extremely lucky it would be a whole week!

While this is the reality for most people we think the idea of working months on end for a few days of enjoyment just isn’t what this life is for.

Vic & Gus Enchanted Rock Summit
Vic & Gus Bryce Canyon

Why Escape Our Ordinary

We chose our name because we think the non-stop 9-5 grind has been the ordinary for most including ourselves.

Our vision of “escaping” our ordinary is rooted in our belief that travel is one of the most valuable things in life.

In order to travel and explore as much as possible we have been very strategic on how we plan our trips, when we take days off and how we save money.

We hope to show you how even with a 9-5 you can enjoy multiple trips a year by being creative. You might not be able to take a month long trip to visit National Parks but if don’t strategically you can definitely knock out the Utah Mighty 5 in a weeks vacation!


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